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On the page “The 10 benefits of Ecotechnics”, we created an overview about 10 reasons why to choose Ecotechnics.  Information, extraordinary points of strength, technical and functional advantages deriving from a continuous technological improvement, following the desire to offer workshops benefits and most valuable solution.

Automatic work procedures, speed, efficiency, ecology and economy, user-friendliness and experience, clean and safe management of electrical compressors, functional design, easy maintenance, system for diagnosis, technical assistance, AC-Service24.com and database. Read More


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Any workshop is unique. The choice of suitable equipment has to follow the specific needs of the organization in order to provide with competence the service desired, to respect the profitability of the investment and to develop efficiently the opportunities of growth through climate service. The two sheets proposed “With my new device I want to …” and “For me it’s especially important …” can help you to understand your own decision criteria and meet with the appropriate product. Read More


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