Impact on A/C business

Record summer 2022 in terms of intensity and duration of the heat

Summer 2003 has been considered the hottest in the climatic history in terms of intensity and duration of the heat.

Summer is not over yet and the first calculations are already being made. There is no doubt that they have repeatedly beaten previous record values.

A case history on the impact on A/C Service:

Extreme heat waves in Europe have been as frequent this year as never before. Many days with extraordinary temperatures have increased attention to the proper functioning of the air conditioning systems.

In fact, many professionals and workshops confirm a positive trend for the frequency of repair and maintenance on the A/C systems of motor vehicles.

According an article published by Tyrepress in July, UK has seen demand for air conditioning recharges more than triple as car owners have battled unprecedented heat.

A group of workshops, covering especially the South East and East of England, saw demand at more than ten times the same period last year.