Accessories and options

Accessories and options - Safe and suitable solutions A professional and complete A/C service in the automotive industry requires, in addition to the climate station, accessories, consumables, leakage control solutions and items for regular maintenance. In order to guarantee safe and suitable solutions in the field of climate service, Ecotechnics presents a selected [...]

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Everything’s ready for the new year?

DOCUMENTS DOWNLOAD Workshop’s equipment needs care and maintenance. Prepare now the new season. With arrival of first sunny days, winter season leave and A/C Service in your workshop becomes more frequent. Carefully prepared equipment will guarantee professional and efficient service. In order to avoid wasting time with maintenance while you have to sell and [...]

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The Database update 2022 is available starting from January

DATABASE 2022 DOWNLOAD Only an updated database enables completely automatic workflow of the A/C station and avoids time-wasting research for refrigerant quantities. The new database is updated with most recent new models and updated information. The complete list of vehicles included in the 2022 database is available in AC-Servic24.

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DOCUMENTS DOWNLOAD One device + 1 kit for R134a or 1 kit for HFO If the compressor or other components of a climate system break down, you must remove any possible residue that may be found in the system before reassembling the equipment. Many compressor manufacturers do not guarantee their new components unless the [...]

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Environmental safety for all

Sanitization is one of the measures contained in the environmental safety protocols for companies. Snap-On has defined in SAFETY the first of the corporate values. The sanitization processes of the environments can and must also be carried out in vehicles. SANIFLUX by Snap-on Climate Solutions is a product used for hygenization of the passenger compartment [...]

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