Eck 3500-up – Eck 3500-HFO

Station super automatique pour récupération, recyclage et recharge de réfrigérant R134a ou HFO1234yf.

Type de réfrigérant R134a ou HFO1234yf
Procédure Entièrement automatique ou manuelle
Alimentation 220-240V 50/60 Hz
Résolution balance 10 gr
Résolution balance huile 5 gr
Temp. fonctionnement 11/49°C
Filtration 1 filtre pour l’humidité (112 g)
Pompe à vide Capacité 100 L/min degré de vide 0,1 mbar
Compresseur 1/3 HP
Vitesse récupération 300 g/min en phase liquide
Bouteille réfrigérant 22 litres, rechargeable (12 litres pour HFO)
Flexibles HP/LP 3 mètres
Dimensions/Poids cm 55 x 60 x 105 kg. 90
Dimensions/Poids emballage cm 70x70x122 kg.100
Imprimante thermique Equipement de série
Manomètres bouteilles Classe1
Réchauffeur bouteille Equipement de série


Ecran couleur 5” avec icônes intuitives pour une utilisation facilitée.

Robinets automatiques HP-LP Avec possibilité de choisir de quelle prise faire la recharge/récupération.

Nitro Chercheur de fuite intégré à l’azote et à l’azote + Hydrogène avec une connexion à une bombonne externe.

Hybrid (patent pending) Fonction de lavage interne de la station et des flexibles HP/LP pour l’utilisation sur des véhicules équipés d’un compresseur électrique.

Cartouches hermétiques Pour huile et traceur nouveaux.


Pour le lavage d’installation A/C avec du réfrigérant.

Contrôlé par la station.

Système de purification d’air de l’habitacle.

Pour huiles et traceur nouveaux (programmable).

DIAG (seulement pour R134a)
Module de diagnostic dynamique.

ECK 3500 / ECK 3900 ECOTECHNICS FOR HFO1234yf OR R134a

The A/C service station with all common features. Its standard functions allow a high level of user comfort via the 5“ LCD display. Additional options offers several upgrade opportunities. Available for the refrigerant R134a or HFO1234yf.

ECK-3500/3900 – Fully automatic A/C service station for recovery, recycling and recharging with the refrigerant HFO1234yf or R134a. The high refrigerant recovery rate ensures today’s undeletable contribution to environmental protection.

ECK-3500/3900 – Time savings during work processes. The patented and very compact aluminium recovery unit makes the A/C service station unique and fast. Lines and distances are shortened thereby increasing efficiency and reliability. The working time is noticeably shorter, whereby the high working speed does not decrease even with high outside temperatures and very strong use. After the specification of all automatic or manual work steps by the operator, all processes are fully automated. No service valves need to be operated.

ECK-3500/3900 – Comfort and security. The 5“ LCD display guarantees easy and intuitive menu navigation, with a graphical representation of the procedures and selection of possible options with a short description. The data input is made on a separate keypad with additional function buttons. The menu navigation is something special and guides inexperienced users safely through the A/C service.

ECK-3500/3900 – The patented hybrid function for electrically driven compressors, is a very efficient cleaning system for service couplings, service hoses and the internal lines. Thanks to this technology, the device can handle very cleanly the compressor oils of the A/C system in the vehicle. Even residual oil quantities between the hermetically and refillable containers and the oil injection valve in the device are eliminated.

ECK-3500/3900 – Clean handling of compressor oil of various standards and types. There are two hermetic containers for the respective refrigerant installed which excludes moisture absorption through hygroscopy of the oil media. The option of hermetic and refillable containers offers further advantages: the user is independent of the supplier, has a high level of user comfort and is future- oriented.

ECK-3500/3900 – The pressure test with forming gas or nitrogen provides optimum security and is factory standard. The test gas is fed into the machine via a connection with a maximum pressure of 15 bar. Via a menu item in the software, the operator can check the vehicle A/C system in overpressure. The holding time and the threshold value for the pressure loss test are specified by the operator in the settings. After the check, the logging takes place and a report is printed out.

ECK-3500/3900 – Flexibility and upgrade with gas identification. The machine can be upgraded within 10 minutes with our gas identification device, thus protecting the machine from contaminated refrigerants. This aims to reach advantages in safety, environmental protection and helps to avoid unexpected costs due to repair service of the contaminated machined. An increasing aspect for the investment in A/C service stations.

ECK-3500/3900 – The workshop-oriented design is user-friendly and suits to the workshop needs in two versions which also differs in colour. With the blue

ECK3500, the pressure gauges are arranged vertically and the hose storage box is positioned laterally. The grey ECK3900 has the hose storage box and the horizontal pressure gauges on the front of the unit.

ECK-3500/3900 – Functional and automatic! The compensation of the service hose length takes place automatically. The pressure sensors can be calibrated automatically. The discharge of the « non-condensable » gases from the internal tank is automatic.

ECK-3500/3900 – Technology for the benefit of the workshop. The special solution from Ecotechnics for the workshop of today and tomorrow looking for speed and economics. The fully equipped A/C service station with all the solutions to a professional service with the refrigerant HFO1234yf or R134a.