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Automechanika Frankfurt – CLEAR UPWARD TREND

From 13 to 17 September, more than 2800 exhibiting companies from 70 countries presented their innovations for international automotive aftersales. On 19 hall levels and on the outdoor area, 78000 visitors from 175 countries used the industry platform to experience products from workshops, industry and trade live . For Snap on a great [...]

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Accessori e opzioni

Accessori e opzioni - Soluzioni sicure ed idonee Un servizio clima professionale e completo nel settore automobilistico richiede, oltre alla stazione clima, accessori, materiali di consumo, soluzioni per il controllo delle perdite ed articoli per la regolare manutenzione. Per offrire sempre soluzioni sicure ed idonee nell'ambito del servizio clima, Ecotechnics presenta una selezionata [...]

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Un’avventura di beneficenza su due ruote storiche – Raccolta fondi a favore di ADMO – Diario di viaggio

Un itinerario con partenza ed arrivo Parma. L’itinerario è lunga l’intera costa Italiana: andata costa tirrenica e Sicilia – ritorno Calabria/Puglia, costa adriatica, fiume Po. Il viaggio inizia il 14 Settembre e durerà 10 giorni circa. Il 4° giorno del viaggio è previsto l’arrivo ad Agrigento. L’obiettivo del viaggio con una Vespa storica PX150 [...]

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ECK 1900 PRO

Functionality, design, innovation The new ECK 1900 PRO is the upgraded evolution of ECK 1900 Premium which will not further be produced. The new part number is Y2P200000000. The product name “PRO" represents the “upgrading" and perfectly suits to the positioning with clear distinction to other higher positioned Premium models (i. e. ECK [...]

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Volvo France Select Sun Koolkare QTECH IV

VOLVO FRANCE select Sun Koolkare QTECH IV for new BEV vehicles (Battery Electric Vehicle) Volvo France Tools Equipment department selected the Sun Koolkare QTECH IV for the recommended A/C refrigerant management of their BEV vehicles with an HFO 1234 yf POE oil A/C system. This A/C station fulfills all mandatory demands [...]

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Know how is the best sales support Sales Marketing and Technical Trainings are among most precious activities to support the development of the company and its partners. Competent Know how supports Sales people to upgrade sales and specific technical knowledge helps to offer always fast and efficient after sales service. Snap [...]

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Patented hybrid function as the best solution for electric vehicles We are pleased to announce that Mazda Colombia has elected Snap-on Equipment and our ECK NEXT PRO with the integrated hybrid function as the sole supplier for their AC maintenance; these are aimed to service their new MAZDA MX-30 electric vehicles being imported [...]

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Snap-on Academy in Babenhausen

 Optimized trainings and product presentations In Babenhausen near Frankfurt am Main in Germany the Snap-on Training center “Snap-on Academy” optimized structure and program. Structured tool walls and freely accessible workplaces around the body straightening benches. Up to 3 groups can now be trained on accident damage repair and measuring systems at 3 workstations [...]

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R134a / HFO1234yf – A/C Station’s trend in main geographical areas

With the objective of improved environmental protection, the EU Regulation No 517/2014 established the reduction of refrigerants with a high global warming potential (GWP). Since January 1, 2017, vehicle A/C systems must use refrigerants with GWP <150. HFO1234yf gas is the most widely used solution with a GWP 350 times lower than its predecessor [...]

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