A successful ATF introduction

On May 23rd has been held the Distributor Meeting in Cartagena, Colombia.

Snap-on Climate Solutions is proud of the strong customer connection confirmed again by the participation of all important Partners in South America.

20 participants from 9 countries has been introduced in the new product category of Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF.

The company caught the opportunity of detailed product presentation and a concrete “hands-on” demonstration of the station in the workshop. The unique product characteristics and points of strength convinced the participants and open the doors to a promising market introduction of Ecotechnics’ Moovetech and Sun’s Gearkare.

Especially appreciated have been the strong hardware, the nearby “maintenance-free” design, the speed and the intuitive and easy self-guiding navigation in all working phases.

Many other distinctive features compared to other ATF stations have been recognized and appreciated as the smart drip system, the double filter of 20 micron and the safety process protocols.