Belgrade Fair – Bulevar vojvode Mišića 14 – 11040 Belgrade

21 – 27 March 2024 – Serbia

This year’s International Car Show DDOR BG Car Show and International Fair of Motorcycles, Quads, Scooters and Equipment « Motopassion » was visited by 112,156 people, registered at the entrance gates of the Belgrade Fair between March 21 and 27, 2024. That is almost 10 percent more than at last year’s International Motor Show.

For more information: https://sajamautomobila.rs/

Among main players on this fair event has been Snap-on’s Serbian partner MARINKOVIĆ-HOFMANN d.o.o.  As the indisputable leading actors on our stand, especially the brands Ecotechnics and Hofmann attracted main interest.

“It was a great pleasure to register not only satisfactory total number of visitors, but also very positive sales results that make us proud.”

The complete range of Ecotechnics A/C stations has been displayed with intense visibility impact. Workshops showed varied interest, from the entry level stations up to the high end ECK FLAG and the “dual solution” ECK TWIN 12. It was a pleasure to notice how our salespeople were able to explain the most appropriate solutions to the needs of a workshop. Especially the benefits of a premium station have convinced numerous workshops to invest in higher positioning stations.

Also the uniqueness of Ecotechncis ATF program attracted attracted lively interest. The characteristics and functionality of the hardware, the software guides procedures and the wide range of services and adapters have been cleary recognized and appreciated.

Marinkovic 1
Marinkovic 2
Marinkovic 3
Marinkovic 6