Functionality, design, innovation

The new ECK 1900 PRO is the upgraded evolution of ECK 1900 Premium which will not further be produced. The new part number is Y2P200000000.

The product name “PRO” represents the “upgrading” and perfectly suits to the positioning with clear distinction to other higher positioned Premium models (i. e. ECK 3900 Premium).

The external functional, elegant and timeless design “Black line” is unchanged.

Compared to the previous model, ECK 1900 PRO handles an additional container for the management of 2 oil dye old oil container (standard containers or hermetic disposable containers HD possible).

Further very important and future oriented upgrade is the integrated Hybrid feature for the flushing of service hoses and internal circuits, mandatory for the service on A/C systems with electrical compressors.

Last but not least, in addition has been implemented the bottle heater improving performance and speed during recharge process The printer of Eck 1900 PRO is
standard feature.

The configuration of the machine for R 134 a or HFO is unchanged with the usual refrigerant kits.