The function of automatic workflows has been invented and launched by Ecotechnics. This offers the advantage that work processes run autonomously and the operator can in the meantime follow other activities. As a result, this technical innovation made the air conditioning service very economical and efficient for the workshop.


The patented and very compact aluminium recovery unit makes the A / C service unit unique and fast. Lines and distances are saved thereby increasing efficiency and reliability. The working time is noticeably shorter, whereby the high working speed does not decrease even with high outside temperatures and very strong use. Internal leaks are thus reduced to a technically possible minimum – a contribution to environmental protection while at the same time ensuring high efficiency of the work processes. All components and units are professional and strong.

The menu navigation is intuitive, professional and designed for very fast working with the machine. A special user experience is the 7”colour touchscreen. The user is guided through the various processes and options with pictures, descriptions and instructions.

The patented hybrid function, undeletable for servicing air conditioning systems with electrically driven compressors, is a very efficient cleaning system for service couplings, service hoses and the internal connectors of the machine. Thanks to this special technology, the device is able to handle the compressor oil of the vehicles very cleanly and precisely.

All Ecotechnics A/C stations are equipped with the function “leak detection”. While all our models signal refrigerant losses in the vacuum phase, the top range is equipped with a Nitrogen-Hydrogen connection as standard. These models can perform a machine-controlled overpressure check with nitrogen or nitrogen- hydrogen gas on the vehicle.

The design meets the workshop needs. The positioning of all service components facilitates any user’s operation. The safe and agile moving of the machine in the workshop is optimized by the positioning and coverage of the wheels.

The Ecotechnics service stations are very easy to maintain due to the possibility to benefit from our professional service technician network or to carry out filter maintenance autonomously. The service station automatically provides information about necessary maintenance. Ecotechnics recommends annual maintenance, or maintenance as displayed by the machine, whichever comes first.

The patented diagnostic function assists the user in troubleshooting the vehicle. In static diagnostics, the user enters the required data into the machine via the menu and a printout is made of the possible error sources. In the case of dynamic diagnostics, the values are taken directly by the machine and evaluated in order to give solution proposal.

In company’s headquarters, experienced professionals with profound and extensive know-how, are at disposal with fast, competent and friendly customer service. From technical issues, the handling of repairs up to recommendations for repair or maintenance. Dealers, users and technicians get always quick and efficient solutions.

All information necessary always available. The Ecotechnics on-line services support the user and the technical service. The online portal facilitates the exchange of necessary information: from activation of the A/C station, updating the software or vehicle database, to providing warranty and support for Ecotechnics dealers.