Ecotechnics is the specialised international brand and landmark for the maintenance of air conditioning systems in the automotive industry. For the first time, experience and knowledge are also leading to a new dimension in the maintenance of automatic transmissions ATF. The brand stands for the indisputable safety of its products and its employees, the consciousness of providing sustainable products, the constant research of improvement and the passion for customer connection.

The workers in the workshop are the “daily heroes” who make things work. The company puts them first, listening carefully to their needs and striving to offer always the most efficient and friendly solutions.



Ecotechnics was established in Florence in 1995. Innovative ideas instantly found fertile ground and a privileged environment: Tuscany has always been strongly associated with research and innovation, featuring excellent re- search centres and highly quali ed universities. The region has thus reached a high index of human resources and competences, capable of generating strong innovative development.

The initially small factory soon specialised in air conditioning service units for recovery, recycling and recharging of air conditioning systems in the automotive industry. Ecotechnics achieved a leading global position in a few years. The key to the organisation’s success is ongoing research for improvement and dedication to providing tech- nological development for the bene t of the user. Driven by this concept, Ecotechnics has earned numerous international patents over the years and is proud to have invented and introduced a host of advanced functions, such as the fully automatic service process, the compact aluminium manifold and the A/C diagnostic function integrated in an A/C service unit. The company Snap-on Climate Solutions Srl was established following the acquisition of Ecotechnics Spa by the American holding Snap-on in 2015. Snap-on is one of world’s leading manufacturers of innovative tools, diagnostic systems and equipment, and has been service provider for professional users in the industrial and automotive sector since 1920. The brand Ecotechnics and Snap-on have de ned speci c synergic competences and, together with the other brands of the group, pursue the common goal of developing the most valuable productivity solutions in the world.

Today the Ecotechnics brand is present in more than 80 countries worldwide through a network of selected and specialised dealers.