Power for large systems

Ecotechnics’ special product for the refrigerant R134a. The technical characteristics of ECK BUS PRO allow to manage large climate systems such as those of buses or trains

Fully automatic A/C charging station for recovery, recycling and charging for R134a

• Large capacity 40L internal cylinder
• 1kg/min gear pump for very fast refrigerant refilling
• 170L/min vacuum pump
• 21cc hermetic compressor
• 6m hoses
• Automatic test of the A/C system under pressure with nitrogen or hydrogen/nitrogen mixture
• Management of 1 oil and 1 tracer with standard refillable containers
• Automatic purging of non-condensable gases
• Complete database also including commercial and agricultural vehicles



Type of refrigerant R134a
Display LCD alphanumeric mm 146 x 82,5
Service valves Manual
Thermal printer Standard
Hermetic and refillable containers for oil and dye Not available
Hermetic disposable containers for oil and dye Not available
Refillable standard containers for oil and dye Standard 1+ 1
Hoses 6 meters
Data Base Car-Truck-Agri Standard
Refrigerant Configuration Not available
Hybrid function / electrically driven compressors Not available
Pressure test forming gas / nitrogen Standard
Gas Identifier / Gas Analyser Not available
Connectivity WIFI Not available
Flushing Kit Not available
Leak check in vacuum Standard
Non condensable gas purge Automatic
Voltage 220-240V 50/60 Hz
Vacuum pump 170 l/min, vacuum level 0,1 mbar
Sealed compressor 21 cc
Recovery speed 300 g/min in liquid phase
Tank Scale resolution 10 gr
Oil scale resolution 5 gr
Working temperature range 11/49 °C
Filter system 2 filters for humidity
Refrigerant tank 40 liters refillable
Bottle heater Not available
Dimension / weight cm 80 x 84 x 115, 127 kg
Dimension / weight with packaging cm 91 x 91 x 126, 137 kg