Eck bus-pro

Fully automatic station for recovering, recycling, and recharging R134a refrigerant, for use with buses and industrial vehicles

Type of refrigerant R134a
Service procedure Fully automatic or manual
Voltage 220-240V 50/60 Hz
Scale resolution 10 gr
Oil scale resolution 5 gr
Working temperature range 11/49°C
Filter system 2 filters for humidity
Vacuum pump 170 litre/min capacity, 0.1 mbar vacuum level
Compressor Hermetically sealed, 21 cc, high pressure
Gear pump 1 kg/min capacity
Refrigerant tank 40 litres, refillable
Hoses 6 meters
Dimensions/Weight cm 80x120x115 kg.127
Dimensions/Weight Packaging cm 91x72x126 kg.137
Thermal printer Standard equipment
Display LCD
Pressure gauges Class 1

Automatic Leak Testing

The station checks for leaks during the vacuum phase. If leaks are found, it interrupts operation and gives an alarm.

Automatic Discharge (patent pending)

of non-condensable gases via solenoid valves, with tank temperature and pressure sensors.


Gear Pump for refrigerant charging.

Nitro Integrated Nitrogen and Nitrogen+Hydrogen leak detection with a connection for external tank.

USB port for software and Data Base


Ecotechnics special product for the refrigerant R134a.
The performance parameters of the ECK BUS-PRO follow increased capacities, which are necessary for use on buses and trains.

ECK-BUS-PRO – Fully automatic A/C service station for recovery, recycling and recharging with the refrigerant R134a on very large A/C systems, such as those installed in buses and trains. The high refrigerant recovery rate of more than 95% ensures today’s undeletable contribution to environmental protection. The service valves are operated manually.

ECK-BUS-PRO – The patented and compact aluminium recovery unit is a great advantage. During the recovery phase, a lot of heat is generated and the refrigerant is cleaned of mechanical residues, oil, acid and water and stored in the internal tank. The patented recovery unit shortens internal lines and paths, increasing efficiency and reliability. Even at high outside temperatures and very strong use, the operating speed does not decrease during the recovery phase. A/C service stations from Ecotechnics work at outside temperatures from +11 °C to + 49 °C degrees.

ECK-BUS-PRO – The special refrigerant high- pressure gear pump and the very large refrigerant storage tank, make working on very large A/C systems with its correspondingly high refrigerant quantities easy and fast.

ECK-BUS-PRO – Easy to use. The alphanumerical display guides the operator through the logical and professional menu navigation. The data input is made on a separate keypad with additional function buttons. The menu navigation is Ecotechnics-like and guides even inexperienced operators safely through the A/C service.

ECK-BUS-PRO – The pressure test with forming gas or nitrogen provides optimum security and is factory standard. The test gas is fed into the machine via a connection with a maximum pressure of 15 bar. Via a menu item in the software, the operator can check the vehicle A/C system in overpressure. The holding time and the threshold value for the pressure loss test are specified by the operator in the settings. After the check, the logging takes place and a report is printed out.

ECK-BUS-PRO – Practical and fast! The menu- driven service hose length is compensated by running A/C system after recharging and the A/C pressure test. The pressure sensors can be easily calibrated. The discharge of the “non- condensable” gases from the internal tank takes place automatically. Thermal printer, static diagnostics, as well as strong and professionally designed components, create this high-end special A/C service station.

ECK-BUS-PRO – The A/C system pressure test can be worked out very quickly by the manual service valves and helps to measure up the A/C system.

ECK-BUS-PRO – The workshop-oriented design is user-friendly, space-saving, enables agile moving in the workshop and makes maintenance work on the machine very easy. The high-quality materials make the machine resistant to kicks and strikes.