Optimized trainings and product presentations

In Babenhausen near Frankfurt am Main in Germany the Snap-on Training center “Snap-on Academy” optimized structure and program. Structured tool walls and freely accessible workplaces around the body straightening benches. Up to 3 groups can now be trained on accident damage repair and measuring systems at 3 workstations at the

 same time.

The Training Center also offers welding courses. In addition to 10 professional welding workplaces for steel and aluminum welding, the Academy offers also training courses for cosmetic repairs. The academy grew and developed individual trainings for all categories in technical workshop equipment and becomes for

colleagues and partners of Snap-on great fullservice training opportunity in the center of Germany.

Airconditioning covers a constantly increasing role within Snap-on product categories. Highlights of actual A/C Stations and specific A/C Know-How of people are ready for professional meetings, presentations and trainings.