For automatic transmission cleaning and oil replacement

Ecotechnics enters the world of lubrificant oil service stations with the new ATF MOOVETECH

Designed with a modern and attractive design, it keeps the same refined style of the AC stations of the Ecotechnics family. Touchscreen technology and 7″ display and WI-FI allow an agile use of the station and storage of the operations carried out. Industry 4.0 ready.

  • The workshops equipped with the ATF MOOVETECH station can carry out maintenance of the automatic gearbox with a simple, automatic and reliable process.
  • With cleaning and oil replacement the result are striking!
  • It is equipped with high quality adapters for professional use as standard. Wide range of type of fittings in the assortment at disposal.
  • Provided with a practical used oil collection system -> SMART-DRIP
  • Is built in such a way as to avoid contamination between new oil and used oil inside the station.
  • Database avaible with photos and diagrams on the right position of connections and type of adapters, available on screen or online.

Innovation has been at the heart of design, oriented towards reliabity, ease and speed of use.

Automatic detection of flow direction

Complete protection of all internal components thanks to repleceable ultra-fine filters

AMRT-DRIP system for oil collection directly under the cup, included in the station

High flow gear pump (up to 9 l/min)

SELF-PRIMING function to initialize the station with new color oil and different specifications, clean the residues of the oil used in previous operation.

System EASY EMPTY for emptying the used oil tank FAST and INNOVATIVE

Setting specific weight fo lubricants

Digital pressure measurement. always visible on display

Start at two oil temperature 39°C and 20°C of oil

Oil temperature monitoring function

Integrated thermal printer for a full service report

Database included, for position connection points and oil type, available on-line or directly on display

Customizable memory of codes and features of favorite oil brands

Exclusive function for refilling new oil from tank or oil can to perform the oil level

27 languages

Technical sheet